About Q.P.C

About Quality Paint Contractor

Q.P.C is a full service Painting & Staining Contractor  focused on excellent service, quality craftsmanship and building long lasting client relationships.


Q.P.C offers a wide range of interior & exterior painting and staining services. We specialize in tenant improvements, office space and investment properties. We are clean, fast, reliable and strive to provide the best client experience possible on every project

We provide cost-effective painting solutions paired with quality work, premium materials and excellent client service. 

How We Work

Quality Paint Contractor  focuses on the clients project needs and time frames. We understand not all projects require a high level finish so we offer 3 finish levels to accommodate all of our clients budgets.


Q.P.C maintains high standards in all aspects of business from client service, craftsmanship, job-site cleanliness and our professionalism. We work around clients, businesses, and other trades schedules as needed to keep the project moving smoothly.

We understand that even with the best planning a project start date could be delayed and project scope of work can change. We always do anything we can to fulfill our clients' needs. This is accomplished by working at night, on weekends or working long days to accommodate other trades working on the project, client needs or last minute change orders.

How We Do Things

Quality Paint Contractor cares as much as you do


Whether small or large, painting projects have many moving parts. To get the job done right, you need a contractor that will keep the end goal firmly in mind while managing the shifting needs of the project.

That’s where we come in.



With over 30 years of being in the painting business, a deep dedication to quality work practices, and numerous returning clients, we know exactly how to keep your project moving forward on-time and within-budget.


From tenant improvements and office space to residential new construction, we bring your vision to life without the frustration of shortcuts or nickle & dime tactics.


We aim to exceed our clients expectations on every project by going above and beyond the scope of work and doing whatever it takes to make our projects run smoothly.



Change orders are often necessary, but with our help, they don’t have to be numerous or expensive. We’ll come in and explain the options that best fit your project and consult with your general contractor, project manager or designer.


We make sure you aren’t missing out on an option that provides greater long-term value. 

Ultimately the success of a project depends on how well it serves the needs of our client. 


Our goal is to provide a quality finish on schedule without taking any shortcuts and within the budget.

Providing painting & staining services for Tenant Improvements, Office Space, Investment Properties.

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