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Repaint PROJECT levels

What determines the cost of your residential or commercial interior / exterior repaint is the materials, level of prep work and level of detail that you would like to be used on your project.

With this level of surface preparation excellent adhesion and longevity of the finish is the primary concern. 


With this level of surface preparation excellent adhesion, longevity of the finish and focus on surface appearance.

With this level of surface preparation excellent adhesion, longevity of the finish and high attention to detail.

Prep work is an essential part of painting and shouldn't be slighted or you can end up with costly paint failure. A good quality paint job hinges on great preparation. Part of what separates a good job and a bad one is the exactness and attention to detail when it comes to surface preparation. 


The final results of your work are determined by the prep work that you've done prior to painting. This is harder than it sounds when working on an existing substrates. There are multiple ways to repair, prime and paint walls, some ways vary in time which can affect the cost of the project but can make a big difference in the finished work. 

             We use Sherwin Williams - Benjamin Moore - Dunn-Edwards - Kelly-Moore - PPG - C2 Paint

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