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Deck & Woodwork Details

QPC DECK Restoration Pros is a division of Quality Paint Contractor. We specialize in IPE, Tigerwood, Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany and Maple Deck  Refinishing & Restoration.


We do exterior woodwork & metalwork for outdoor areas, including the Preservation, Refinishing and Restoration of decks, pergolas, handrails, stairs, Spiral staircase's, fences, gates, doors & garage doors finished with paint or stain.


Our services include deck repair & maintenance, floor & porch painting, deck cleaning, dustless HEPA sanding, hand sanding, porch restoration, coating removal and pressure washing. 


We are a small 3 man crew that is clean, efficient, and honest, we have become a reputable and well-known deck Refinishing Service. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We take pride in our work and want our customers to be beyond satisfied with our craftsmanship, which is why we provide free warranties that are fully transferable.


We can do all cosmetic repairs on your deck to bring it back to new as long as we are restoring or refinishing it. We do not offer repairs if you do not need our refinishing or restoration services.

Maintenance Packages

We provide  preservation, preventive maintenance and cleaning packages to our clients to help maintain the deck finish after Restoration / Refinishing. Just ask during the quote process and it will be added as an option.
IMPORTANT MONTHLY MAINTENANCE: To keep stained surfaces looking their best, especially decks, once a month sweep, blow, or hose off to remove dust, dirt, grime, mildew, and mold. Do not scrub. If you live in a humid or damp environment consider applying a scrub free mildew stain remover (Wet & Forget) to control surface mildew. ******This is a must for full coverage warranty to be valid*******


We value our clients and provide the highest level of service and craftsmanship, while giving them piece of mind by knowing the project is covered by a 1 year no questions asked full coverage warranty. This is covered solely by QPC DECK Restoration Pros we no longer rely on the manufacturer warranties or product reps to diagnose any issues. All product failure's happen in the first 2 months so a 1 year warranty is all you need. We cover all cost to fix our work in-house. 


If our finish fails due to our craftsmanship, mistakes or products we provide we will fix the problem immediately at no cost to you. QPC DECK Restoration Pros use the best methods, stains, materials and work with trusted stain companies that provide us with product support, warranties and knowledgeable representatives. 


We use 3 companies for our stains:                                                                                                         

Armstrong-Clark for oil projects

Flood for water based projects

Sherwin Williams SuperDeck for water based projects


Important Information about stain lifespan from Manufacturers!

Hardwood stain 9 -12 months

Softwood stain 1 - 3 years



We do not offer a warranty longer than a year as most stain manufacturers only offer a time range for how long their stain could last. California has strict rules for stain manufacturers and this causes the ingredients to be modified or reformulated to to be compliant, therefore stains sold in other parts of the country do not have California's strict rules and perform better. 

Most decks get abused and receive minimal to no maintenance, in this case most decks need to get a good cleaning and maintenance coat annually to preserve the wood and maintain the finish. Even with the best care you are dealing with wood that most likely comes from many different trees and takes the stain differently. Another reason certain decks last longer is old growth and new growth wood, so if you have an old deck you could have a better and longer lasting finish.


Typical decks can look great from 9 months year to 5 years depending on if it was deep sanded, weather exposure, routine maintenance and keeping the deck clean from debris, dirt, mold, mildew along with maintaining plants around the deck. A good rule of thumb is to maintain the deck regularly, apply a maintenance coat to your deck annually and never let your deck go past 2 years without refinishing. If you let your deck go without maintenance and annual staining it will leave your deck exposed to UV rays, the elements and increase the cost to be refinished.

Maintenance coats are usually 40% to 60% less than the initial Refinishing / Restoration project price. We have clients who have had their deck last easily over 6 years but they had optimal conditions and decks were meticulously maintained. We are not surprised when decks last that long, most of our projects last between 2 & 4 years looking amazing but that's usually after we do a full restoration. 


The bottom line is maintain your deck annually and you save money and it will always look beautiful.​​​​​​​

***We offer an extended 2 year warranty package that covers all labor, equipment, materials, stain and mobilization to remedy any issues with the deck. Including maintaining stain on high exposure areas, re sinking  fasteners, quarterly cleaning of areas on deck includes removing mold, mildew and debris, checking deck boards for damage, annual cleaning of the decking.

This is a great option for commercial & vacation properties. 

How We Work

  • 1. ALL of our project's are done by hand using dustless HEPA vacuums and special sanding equipment.

  • 2. ALL of our projects are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners and rinsed by garden hose or low pressure washing 800 PSI - 2000 PSI.

  • 3. All of our project's are treated for mold, mildew and brighteners used as needed.

  • 4. All of our oil based project's receive 1 coat of stain including clears, semi transparent, semi solids and solid stain.

  • 5. All of our water based projects receive 1 to 2 coats depending on the product used.

  • 6. All of our projects include ultra premium stains and materials.

  • 7. All waste is disposed of properly and we follow environmentally friendly practices for cleaning tools and recycling.

  • 8. All tools and equipment are cleaned off site and never on the project site.

  • 9. All restoration projects are inspected & diagnosed for dry-rot, bad fasteners, bad deck boards, loose railings, bad balusters and repaired as needed

  • 10. All restorations and refinishing projects include a 1 year full warranty - Includes all labor, equipment, materials, stains and mobilization to remedy any issues caused by our material selection or by our craftsmanship.

Our Pricing

ALL QPC DECK Restoration Pros PRICES INCLUDE ALL - paints, stains, materials, rental equipment, planning, labor, warranty, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup, waste disposal and haul away fee's. Once you get a quote from us it will never increase unless a change order or additional work is requested. We quote projects by square foot, linear foot & man hours, depending on the situation.


Favorable job-site conditions and with decks and other woodwork in good condition will be less time consuming and result in a lower quote. Projects vary and can increase in price when job-site conditions are unfavorable and woodwork is in very poor condition.

For siding, railings, pergolas, porches and furniture we offer the same finishing options as decks 

We offer 5 options of deck finishing: 

1. Preservation of new decks : Light HEPA sand and and finish with oil based stain.

2. Refresh: Clean, Light Pole sand and Stain with existing oil based / water based stain.

3. Refinishing: Clean, Re-sink fasteners, Light HEPA sand and Refinish with oil based / water based stain.

4.Deep Refinishing: Deep Clean, Re-sink fasteners, Medium HEPA Sand and Refinish with oil based stain.


5. Restoration: Deep Clean, Replace/Re-sink fasteners, Repair/Replace wood as needed, Deep HEPA Sand and Refinish with oil based stain.

Payment Schedule & Payment Methods

To be placed on our schedule we require acceptance of the quote and 10% deposit  - 10 Days before start of the project we require 50% materials, mobilization, planning & transportation payment - Full payment of remaining balance is to be paid on completion of the project. Projects lasting longer than a week require progress payments. All change orders and additional work is to be in writing and paid for in full before we start any new work - Additional work changes timelines and project completion time. MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO  - Q P C Painting & Staining 

We accept Cash - Zelle - Check  / For ACH Payments & Credit Cards 2.9% additional charge to the invoice total.



Other Services

We specialize in commercial and residential deck restoration & refinishing but we provide our services for all exterior woodwork.

If it's not listed below just ask us, if it's wood, metal or brick, we got it covered.

Including outdoor kitchen area's, outdoor wine tasting area's, outside dinning, pool area's built-in's, bench's, furniture, handrailing's, stair railings, fence's, gate's, cellar doors, porches, siding, patio ceiling's, front doors, thresholds, t & g floors, verandas, pergola's and outdoor tables.

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